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Wishlist® Glamorous Sachet

Tyler Candle Company, WishList®, 803821403100, 40310
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Dryer | Home | Personal | Vehicle Sachet - NEW for July 2023

WISHLIST - A reminder of what matters, only you can imagine!!! A chance to slow down & embrace warm spicy notes of vetiver, patchouli & tonka bean layered in pepper essence & rich orange flower petals! Timeless, enchanting elegance!

  • Dryer Sachet - Glamorous Dryer Sachets can be used to soften and add fragrance like you would a dryer sheet. Each 32 oz carton has 4 reusable sachets for up to 32 loads of laundry.
  • Home Sachet - Sachets can be placed in vacuum cleaner bags to fragrance your entire home as you vacuum! Sachets have many different uses and can be placed in Towel Cabinets, Closets or anywhere that you would like to add fragrance.
  • Personal Sachet - Sachets have many different uses and can be placed in lingerie drawers, trash pails, Gym bags. The possibilities are less with this fabulous product.
  • Vehicle Sachet - Place sachets under your front seats near the under-seat vent for a hidden Glamorous fragrance.
Tyler Candle Company
Container Style:
Gift Box
4 Reusable Sachets
Product Origin:
Made in the USA

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